The YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County

(845) 338-3810


507 Broadway
Kingston NY 12401
(845) 338-3810

Facility Hours

Monday – Friday5:00am –9:00pm
Saturday7:00am – 2:00pm
Sunday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Holiday Hours

If holiday falls on a Sunday we open at 9am.

New Years DayClosed
Good Friday5:00am – Noon
Easter SundayClosed
4th of July5:00am – Noon
Memorial Day5:00am – Noon
Labor Day5:00am – Noon
Christmas EveNormal* – Noon
New Years EveNormal* – Noon

*Normal Start – depends on the day of the week on which the holiday falls.


The YMCA continues to be a leader in childcare and education and we have been committed to meeting the needs of Kingston and Ulster County families for over 150 years.  As school districts continue to alter their plans in light of the current pandemic, we realize that parents need our support now more than ever.

Y Academy is an in-person program supporting students who are e-learning through their school district. Y Academy is sure to support your child’s virtual learning and keep them active and engaged during the day.

To help your child stay on task, avoid backslides during their school’s virtual learning program, and support our children’s academic, physical, and mental health the Y has created a fun, safe, controlled environment in which your child can continue their educational journey with the support of a great team. Your child will benefit from:

  • Lower group size than a traditional classroom setting at school
  • Coordination with your school district for synchronous and asynchronous instruction
  • YMCA Staff available to assist with remote learning assignments
  • An infusion of physical activities and fun brain breaks every day to support the body, mind, and spirit!
  • Spelling/Sight Word Support, Independent reading 
  • Times/Rates vary by location
  • Updated health practices to ensure safe environment for all 

Y Academy will be offered in select locations starting the first day of school September 8, 2020. Small overall facility capacity to further ensure the health and safety of our children and families.  Limited Space Available

*Students must bring school supplies, laptop/chromebook, headphones, face mask, snacks, lunch, water bottle, and be dressed appropriately for outdoor play.

Grades: K – 6

Dates: Monday – Friday beginning September 8, holiday schedule TBD


School locations with Pre and Post care: Lenape Elementary School in New Paltz is hosting pre and post care. Marlboro Elementary School is currently hosting post care only. * please email or call 845-338-3810 ext. 122 for more information.*


Drop In Academy at the YMCA(Fridays only) 7AM – 6PM or 9AM-3PM, and Ellenville Elementary 8:45AM-5PM or 12PM-5PM, billed daily.

Daily Drop in costs at the YMCA of Kingston:

**The YMCA drop in program will accommodate those who are looking for pre and post care as well as the Y Academy. **

Drop in Y Academy (9AM – 3PM) is $25 a day for the 1st child and $22 for the second child and each additional child.

Drop in Full Day program (7AM – 6PM) is $40 a day for the 1st child and $35 for the second child and each additional child.

Daily Drop in costs at Ellenville Elementary School:

Drop in Y Academy (8:45AM – 5PM) is $30 a day.

Drop in Y Academy (12PM – 5PM) is $21 a day

**Sibling discount is not available at this site.**

Questions? Contact Cailin Rooney at or Jhaunelle Anderson at

**Those receiving assistance through DSS will only be able to participate in Pre and post Care, Y Academy in Ellenville Elementary School and the YMCA. DSS Approval letter is required before registering for program. Please contact Jhaunelle Anderson for More details.**